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Hello! Welcome to my page!

As a relationship expert with long experience giving counsels to couples, I can tell you that poor or ineffective communication is the biggest stumbling block in love affairs. This shortcoming is closely followed by lack of connection with the partner and a dull love life!

This book will provide you with SIMPLE techniques you need to start  or enhance your love relationship, and it will bolster you with self-confidence – a critical quality in successful relationships. These techniques work both for men and women!

90 Hot Tips also focuses on how to REVITALIZE your love life when your relationship is in a slump, but can also be used to add new spice to an already passionate love life.

The book starts by giving potent tips about flirting and SEDUCING, and it covers many important points like romance, dating, sex toys, intimacy, lingerie, foreplay, bondage, and role-playing.
My name is Ashley,
I am a happy wife, joyfully married with Justin for many years. I am a mother of 4. In my highly practical book, 90 Hot Tips for Singles and Couples, I revealed the secrets I have been using to sustain my successful relationship. 

I have also made some exhaustive research to ensure that the guide contains facts rather than just assumptions. I learned the secret of SUCCESSFUL relationships after a long story of failures and decided to let you and others benefit from my critical experience.
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About my e-book...
90 Hot Tips for Singles and Couples by Ashley Sins is the ultimate guide for a thoroughly satisfying love life. 

You will understand if the other person is interested in YOU and what is the best way to as him/her out on a date!

You will learn that communication is crucial to healthy relationships, and discover how you can use effective communications every day. 

You will also find some useful hints that can help you IMPROVE your self-confidence in your relationship.
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Also, you will discover how to fight the boredom in your bedroom by introducing new and THRILLING IDEAS such as using lingerie and sex toys. 

Further, you will come to know how to hit the right spot for an amazing SEX.

Are you anxious to take your relationship from its slump state to a gripping state or add an extra spark to your already thriving affair? Or are you single and you want to discover how to find your big love? If YES, what’s stopping you from making the order NOW? Simply click on “GET ACCESS NOW” below, but hurry up!! This is a time limited offer!

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